BookBub: Indie Savior Or Donald Trump In Sheep’s Clothing?

A while ago (over a year) a writer friend turned me on to an advertising site that was not cheap, but had an extraordinarily large email list of readers in myriad genres. In other words, a bit of the Fountain of Find-the-Readers into which to bathe one’s books and come out the other side better-known […]


If The Dreamer Dies, Do You?

A very, very good friend of mine posted a picture today of his young son in a Captain America costume and quoted him as saying, “When I grow up, I want to be a superhero!” My friend, in his inimitable wisdom, replied to his son by telling him the following: You already are, son! You […]


All For One, One For All: Not Just A Cliché

My first non-fiction book on writing is blog-touring for a couple of weeks, so I felt it was fitting to also post said blog here, in my own personal space, exactly as (hopefully) printed on the other sites. I hope you writers out there read this. I wrote this book for YOU. I don’t know […]


Summer Sales Upon Us?

On May 15, 2013, in CALEB PIRTLE, Indie Authors, Motivation, Sales, STEPHEN WOODFIN, Success, Summer, by rsguthrie

My previous post was a bit heavy (as they will at times be) so I thought I would follow-up with something carrying “Summer” in the title. I’m unusually happy that Winter is behind us (by the way, I know that seasons aren’t technically capitalized, but I can’t help but find myself thinking that is wrong—am […]


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