I Admit It: I’m An Abuser. Of Semicolons

On June 17, 2013, in Grammar Police, Opinion, Proofreading, The Semicolon, Tools, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

Actually only by the strictness of grammatical standards. I’m not a contrarion just because I want people to think I’m cool. When I write, it’s not a decision process—its art. I do what comes naturally to me. That doesn’t mean everyone is going to get it (or like it) but it’s not to be different; […]


Call T.O.D. On KDP Select And Smash The Words.

When I first began this digital publishing journey in 2011, I used Smashwords founder Mark Coker’s Smashwords Style Guide (which is free, BTW) as my bible to format an eBook, even though I was mostly planning on selling books on Amazon. At the time, Amazon had a true lion’s share of the market (something like […]


Need An Editor To Make Your Book Better?

On March 4, 2013, in (or...), Editing, Interviews, Mea Culpa, Proofreading, by rsguthrie

A couple weeks ago I introduced and interviewed my editor, Russell Rowland, to unleash my secret on the world. Turns out his email address has not been working and has been forwarding all his mail to the Almighty Internet Bit Bucket (or, who knows, maybe to Linus’s pumpkin patch in a misdirected hope that the […]


Writer / Editor Russell Rowland

On February 20, 2013, in Great Reads, Guest Posts, Interviews, Proofreading, RUSSELL ROWLAND, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

Today I am interviewing my own EDITOR for this blog post! (What was he thinking agreeing to this golden opportunity for ME? Wait a minute—what was I thinking? He could triple my rates!) In all seriousness, Russell Rowland is a successful, extremely talented writer as well as having one of the best eyes for “seeing” […]


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