The other day I received one of the strangest letters I’ve ever, well, received. First, I should clarify it wasn’t what most call “letters”. I’ve come in this digital age to think of writings more in terms of length, intent, tone, etc. rather than medium. Let’s face it, unless you’re vastly different than me, the […]


Captcha or Made In China; I Can’t Decide Which Is Worse

If you’ve ever left a comment on any blog, store website, fan page, or any other Internet site, you’ve likely screamed in agony at Captcha. It is the program that requires you to enter “the two words” before the website can determine if you are or are not a bot. (For those of you new […]


Will Television Really Rot My Brain?

On April 24, 2013, in Opinion, Poor Writing, Rant, Soap Box, Television, Television Writing, by rsguthrie

I have always been a little addicted to television (which is like saying you’re a little pregnant, I know). The irony is that I grew up with crappy television and in my young adulthood, as much as the box still lured me into its glowing beam, I did formulate an opinion that watching the boob […]


Call T.O.D. On KDP Select And Smash The Words.

When I first began this digital publishing journey in 2011, I used Smashwords founder Mark Coker’s Smashwords Style Guide (which is free, BTW) as my bible to format an eBook, even though I was mostly planning on selling books on Amazon. At the time, Amazon had a true lion’s share of the market (something like […]


Being No One Has Never Been “In”

On April 6, 2013, in (or...), GEORGE CARLIN, Humor, Images, Just for Fun, Opinion, Social Media, by rsguthrie

Someone had to say it. There are 1001 social networking sites and they all have the capability (should be REQUIREMENT) to have an avatar. Personally, nothing will ever beat an actual picture of the actual person. I mean the Internet is SO anonymous anyway, and many of us that are actually very good friends may […]


Why Do TV Writers Deserve Such Forgiveness?

On March 27, 2013, in CSI, Opinion, Television, Television Writing, by rsguthrie

My wife sent the hilarious, oblong (and record length) picture to me from Pintrest and I laughed pretty hard, and then I thought “man, we book writers take a beating for a missed comma or something that’s clearly only a typo yet the most popular shows on television get away with MURDER” (pun intended). Now […]


Top Fictional Monologues Of All Time

On March 22, 2013, in (or...), Just for Fun, Movie Quotes, Movie Scenes, Opinion, by rsguthrie

I admit it. I am a HUGE movie buff. Not old ones, although I consider the fact that I’ve seen almost no Brando, Bogey, Cagney, or Stewart a blessing because I know I will LOVE all those flicks so it’s like there’s a cornucopia of great films waiting out there for me (which is good […]


What Thumbhead Returns A 99 Cent Book?

On March 13, 2013, in (or...), Honey Boo Boo, Humor, Jesus, Miscellaneous, Opinion, Parody, The Second Coming, by rsguthrie

I used to blog about the horrific devaluing job on books accomplished by (among others) John Locke and Amanda Hocking. 99 cents for a novel is a crying shame. As a promo price? For a short story? For a crappy book? Perhaps. But that’s not what this post is about. I recently ran a 99 […]


Should Writers Review Writers?

On March 9, 2013, in Book Reviews, New Books, Opinion, by rsguthrie

Since I first started meeting up with my fellow author crowd online, a conundrum of epic proportion began to formulate itself right on my doorstep. Other authors began to ask me to review their books. Publicly, I mean. Go out on Amazon and rate the book, say what I felt about it. Uh-oh. Well, at […]


A TOC Addendumb (Or: Maybe I Reacted Too Quickly)

On November 3, 2012, in ADDENDUMB, ANDRE THE GIANT, DISQUS, Images, Opinion, Past Writing, by rsguthrie

This is going to be a baby blog, though I’m writing it for two VERY important reasons: 1. I want to talk about my last post (and stance) on Table of Contents for fiction books. and 2. I just installed the Disqus plugin (the cool one that’s supposed to allow you to log in via […]

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