John Wayne, Actor; Clint Eastwood, Motion Picture Genius

I’ve made it no secret: I am a huge movie buff and were I forced to decide on my top twenty-five or fifty movies, half would have some connection to Clint Eastwood. He’d either be in them, have directed them, written them, or all of the above. And that would be excluding all the classic […]


Post-Turkey, Black Friday, Gobble-Gobble-to-Write-Better Blog

I intended to blog on Thanksgiving—any excuse in the eye of the blog storm, where there are NO POSTS—but when my Dallas Cowboys finally pulled their collective heads out of the Devil’s…I mean, primo narcissist, Jerry Jones’ arsehole, and started putting away the lowly Raiders, I became too involved with watching that and stuffing my […]

Halloweiner (Or: Does Scrooge Hate Halloween, Too?)

Wow. Well, this is a record for a dearth of blogging. I could’ve crossed the Sahara and back again, sans water, and the vultures would have been blogging more than yours truly. I’d say “sorry”, but that seems capricious; I’d say you never missed me, but that hurts my feelings too much. So I’ll just […]


Cage Match With God (Or: Getting Off The Schneid)

It’s been ten days since my last post—the semi-monumental 200th. The one I hated writing; the one about the death of a mentor and friend I never had the privilege and honor to meet. It’s been a long, strange, at times storming, at times sun-drenched, ten days. But it’s been a hellacious five years. Here’s […]


Top Fictional Monologues Of All Time

On March 22, 2013, in (or...), Just for Fun, Movie Quotes, Movie Scenes, Opinion, by rsguthrie

I admit it. I am a HUGE movie buff. Not old ones, although I consider the fact that I’ve seen almost no Brando, Bogey, Cagney, or Stewart a blessing because I know I will LOVE all those flicks so it’s like there’s a cornucopia of great films waiting out there for me (which is good […]


Did You Know? (John Hughes)

On January 19, 2013, in Celebrities, Famous Writers, Humor, In Memoriam, JOHN HUGHES, Movie Quotes, by rsguthrie

If I’m not THE biggest fan of John Hughes’ movies, I’m right up there on the list. Clint Eastwood is a genius in the art of creating fantastic cinematic masterpieces; Hughes was the genius of the 80’s version of teen angst (but even the current generation of teens relate to and quote his movies right […]


Pulp Fiction Follow-Up Blog

On August 5, 2012, in Just for Fun, Movie Quotes, Movie Scenes, by rsguthrie

I wrote a pretty serious (and important) blog today. I happened to mention a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies, Pulp Fiction. It’s Sunday evening, I am feeling a little cheeky, so I thought for those of you who have not seen it (or maybe for those of you who have and l0ve […]


Shawshank Sunday: Novelists, Screenwriters, Movies, and Memorable Moments

On March 25, 2012, in In Memoriam, Just for Fun, Miscellaneous, Movie Quotes, by rsguthrie

No, this isn’t a blog about spending the sabbath in stir. It is, however, a blog about this writer making an admission. I admit it, I am a movie FANATIC. And there’s just nothing I love more than a classic movie line. I quote ’em. I wake up thinking about ’em. Anyone who knows me […]


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