America’s Team: The Dallas Cowboys

I wrote a blog a few days ago about (in large part) God. I wrote about the cage match between us. I worried and fretted because I don’t blog about religion and because (particularly on the Internet) there are a LOT of people who just itch to find anyone who dares utter the word, much […]


Pawn Stars. You Could Learn A Thing Or Two.

When I write fiction, I do a lot of research (even if it’s comparatively easy these days), because I want the things I write about (guns, wars, lingo, cop procedure, CSI, etc.) to be as authentic and accurate as possible. I think readers appreciate authenticity, even when they read fiction. Here’s the rule I follow: […]


Word Usage. What a Hoot!

On July 9, 2013, in Drug Humor, Family, GEORGE CARLIN, Humor, Just for Fun, Marijuana Humor, Parody, Words, by rsguthrie

I was lying in my bed a few minutes ago (it’s three A.M. here in the U.S. Mountain Daylight time zone)—that reminds me of an old George Carlin sketch from his first album The 11 O’clock News, of the same title (as in when you call a song the “title song” when it’s the same […]


Golf Game Gone To Dog Poop

On April 12, 2013, in (or...), and Such, Humor, Just for Fun, Miscellaneous, Parody, by rsguthrie

When I lived in the Los Angeles suburbs, for a whole year we golfed every weekend (and some evenings under the lights at the local Long Beach 9-hole par 3 course near my home). When I moved to Colorado, everyone boasted about 350 golf days a year.  I was ecstatic. Wow—turns out I had not given […]


Being No One Has Never Been “In”

On April 6, 2013, in (or...), GEORGE CARLIN, Humor, Images, Just for Fun, Opinion, Social Media, by rsguthrie

Someone had to say it. There are 1001 social networking sites and they all have the capability (should be REQUIREMENT) to have an avatar. Personally, nothing will ever beat an actual picture of the actual person. I mean the Internet is SO anonymous anyway, and many of us that are actually very good friends may […]


Top Fictional Monologues Of All Time

On March 22, 2013, in (or...), Just for Fun, Movie Quotes, Movie Scenes, Opinion, by rsguthrie

I admit it. I am a HUGE movie buff. Not old ones, although I consider the fact that I’ve seen almost no Brando, Bogey, Cagney, or Stewart a blessing because I know I will LOVE all those flicks so it’s like there’s a cornucopia of great films waiting out there for me (which is good […]



I figured with 2012 Election Week upon us, tensions high, fists punching teeth down other people’s throats—oh, wait, that was something else entirely. Scratch that. But you have to admit, we are a bit of a nation divided, and there has been a lot of campaign rhetoric to swallow lately, so I thought, “damn it, […]



On August 10, 2012, in Just for Fun, by rsguthrie

A great author friend of mine asked this question (yes, in ALL CAPS, but minus the “oh William” part) in a comment to my last blog. Well, it was more like a comment to a comment to a comment, but it struck a major chord with me. I live in a small corner of the […]


Pulp Fiction Follow-Up Blog

On August 5, 2012, in Just for Fun, Movie Quotes, Movie Scenes, by rsguthrie

I wrote a pretty serious (and important) blog today. I happened to mention a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies, Pulp Fiction. It’s Sunday evening, I am feeling a little cheeky, so I thought for those of you who have not seen it (or maybe for those of you who have and l0ve […]


The “777 Slowly Becomes A 790 Challenge” (And More Silliness)

On July 31, 2012, in Humor, Just for Fun, by rsguthrie

First of all I am honored that writer Scott Bury thought enough of me to pick me as one of his “seven”. And I am going to comply—well, at least I am going to my WIP and I am going to page seven, but I am going to pick nine sentences from that page. Truth […]


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