BookBub: Indie Savior Or Donald Trump In Sheep’s Clothing?

A while ago (over a year) a writer friend turned me on to an advertising site that was not cheap, but had an extraordinarily large email list of readers in myriad genres. In other words, a bit of the Fountain of Find-the-Readers into which to bathe one’s books and come out the other side better-known […]


Gunfight at the 99 Cent Corral

I have a Free Kindle Nation Short (FKNS) ad running today. It’s basically a one-day email blast to 20,000+ subscribers and includes six chapters of my new book as a sampling. Now mind you, every person who’s read this book has raved about it. I am my own worst critic and I am telling you […]


For Whom The Blog Tolls

I received a thought-provoking email from a reader this morning that immediately spurred my next blog post, its thoroughness and the points it pondered being: A) Completely relevant to my (and any other author/writer’s) blog and B) Timely, as I had been considering my blog, the fact that I really would like to blog about […]


How To Handle A Rare Reviewer (Or: How Many Stars DOES Your Book Deserve?)

Today, Dear Readers, is Saturday the 14th. You know what that means, right? Yesterday was Friday the 13th! I never said anything about it in my blog yesterday (or in my bog which is what I typed first, having only finished a sip of my first morning coffee—I suppose to say something like that in […]


What To Charge For Your Book (Or: George Carlin Might Know; He Can Ask God)

My last post was a little heavy. Elie Wiesel. The holocaust. God on trial. I decided today I would be a little more of the light-hearted self and talk about book pricing. Nothing heavy or controversial about that. Ahem. No, but take my wife…seriously. By the way, before we get started, I missed my 100th […]


ABE Books (and other sites like it): I Could Have An Orgasm

On July 11, 2012, in Book Release, Indie Reader, Interviews, Just for Fun, Past Reading, by rsguthrie

So I’ve mentioned this blog interview I did. What I have NOT done yet (like an idiot) is LINK TO IT, or TWEET IT yet. The irony is I have NEVER had so much fun with an interview. I don’t know whether it was the GREAT questions or my mood or the ordering of the […]


Dear Struggling Indie Writer

So it’s happened. I’ve let ‘er loose. As deep and dark (at times) and thrillingly scurrilous as this book is when need be (don’t worry, it has plenty of redemption) I am still going to think of Dark Prairies in the feminine. If you’ve read my blog much, you know I believe my muse is […]


Indies, Babies, Bathwater, and a Farewell to the Dark Ages

On May 20, 2012, in Famous Writers, HuffPost, Indie Authors, Indie Reader, Opinion, The Market, by rsguthrie

Last Friday was the one year anniversary of the publishing of my first book as an Indie. Note I no longer use the moniker “self” in front of my published status. The reasons I stopped using that word are myriad and akin to the same reason that in our household we never used the word […]


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