Book Awards: Are They Really All That?

As independent (more importantly, somewhat—or totally—Unknown) authors, one of the first questions we must always ask ourselves whether it be a blog or an interview or a promo is “does this increase, in a significant and long-lasting way, my visibility and my notoriety (you’d hope in a promo the answer would be “yes”, at least […]


Being No One Has Never Been “In”

On April 6, 2013, in (or...), GEORGE CARLIN, Humor, Images, Just for Fun, Opinion, Social Media, by rsguthrie

Someone had to say it. There are 1001 social networking sites and they all have the capability (should be REQUIREMENT) to have an avatar. Personally, nothing will ever beat an actual picture of the actual person. I mean the Internet is SO anonymous anyway, and many of us that are actually very good friends may […]


A TOC Addendumb (Or: Maybe I Reacted Too Quickly)

On November 3, 2012, in ADDENDUMB, ANDRE THE GIANT, DISQUS, Images, Opinion, Past Writing, by rsguthrie

This is going to be a baby blog, though I’m writing it for two VERY important reasons: 1. I want to talk about my last post (and stance) on Table of Contents for fiction books. and 2. I just installed the Disqus plugin (the cool one that’s supposed to allow you to log in via […]

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