Eye Candy. A 99 Cent Investment. Worth Every Penny.

I’ve blogged about it before. The book world these past few years has been turned on its ass, and not all for the good of (decent) writers. Yes, now writers with talent that were getting turned down by publishers (most great writers were turned down for years by publishers) can post their wonderful books. But […]



I figured with 2012 Election Week upon us, tensions high, fists punching teeth down other people’s throats—oh, wait, that was something else entirely. Scratch that. But you have to admit, we are a bit of a nation divided, and there has been a lot of campaign rhetoric to swallow lately, so I thought, “damn it, […]


Gunfight at the 99 Cent Corral

I have a Free Kindle Nation Short (FKNS) ad running today. It’s basically a one-day email blast to 20,000+ subscribers and includes six chapters of my new book as a sampling. Now mind you, every person who’s read this book has raved about it. I am my own worst critic and I am telling you […]


Starbucks Coffee And The Imprisoning Effect Of Twitter (And Other Social Media)

On July 29, 2012, in eBook Pricing, Future Ideas, Indie Authors, Marketing, The Market, Twitter, by rsguthrie

I had one idea for a blog that became two, that are somewhat related (Indies trying to succeed in a cruel, isolated world and the pricing challenge faced by all). So I mashed them together here. I hope it turns out better than that potato recipe I tried last year. Bad. So very, very bad. […]


For Whom The Blog Tolls

I received a thought-provoking email from a reader this morning that immediately spurred my next blog post, its thoroughness and the points it pondered being: A) Completely relevant to my (and any other author/writer’s) blog and B) Timely, as I had been considering my blog, the fact that I really would like to blog about […]


Learning The Ropes Without Getting Beaten To Death On Them

My “big” ad is running now. I signed up for it last March or so, figuring I could squirrel away a bit here and a bundle there until, by the time I actually had to pay for it, I’d have the funds. I’m not going to say what it cost, one because I am keeping […]


What To Charge For Your Book (Or: George Carlin Might Know; He Can Ask God)

My last post was a little heavy. Elie Wiesel. The holocaust. God on trial. I decided today I would be a little more of the light-hearted self and talk about book pricing. Nothing heavy or controversial about that. Ahem. No, but take my wife…seriously. By the way, before we get started, I missed my 100th […]


Power-Wash Your Writing

On June 28, 2012, in eBook Pricing, Indie Authors, Opinion, The Market, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

The other day we had the wood on our fences and our deck power-washed. If you had asked me a couple of days before that what the boards on the fence and deck were worth I would have said “nothing”. They were an awful shade of gray—not light gray, or bright gray, but that dingy, […]


The Revolution Is Here. ARE. YOU. IN?

On May 6, 2012, in eBook Pricing, Indie Authors, The Market, by rsguthrie

I ranted Saturday. It happens. Usually I am just getting something off my chest and not too concerned with the ultimate outcome. You know, that “hey, if I reach a few readers and help one or two find their way or feel better that they aren’t alone in how they feel, I’ve succeeded” kind of […]


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