Did You Know? (John Hughes)

On January 19, 2013, in Celebrities, Famous Writers, Humor, In Memoriam, JOHN HUGHES, Movie Quotes, by rsguthrie

If I’m not THE biggest fan of John Hughes’ movies, I’m right up there on the list. Clint Eastwood is a genius in the art of creating fantastic cinematic masterpieces; Hughes was the genius of the 80’s version of teen angst (but even the current generation of teens relate to and quote his movies right […]


It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

As most of you know I can rarely look at anything in life without trying to inject at least a modicum of humor. The title line, clearly a twist on the opening line of Dickens’ classic, will to you Simpsons fans be familiar. In an attempt to see what a thousand monkeys banging on a […]


Idol for Authors, Part Deux

I was replying to comments on the original “American Idol for Authors” post and the creative juices (and pitch man) in me started into overdrive. I noticed the other day a Tweep retweeted the blog post to Oprah—now I am not a loon and I have no expectation that she read the blog (or tweet, […]


American Idol for Authors

Had the idea for the wildly successful (yet perhaps waning) American Idol not been born in the mind of Simon Fuller and then finally realized as a television show, singers like Carrie Underwood likely might never have been “discovered”. Clearly Underwood had “it”. She was and is enormously talented, yet prior to the fourth season […]


Dear Struggling Indie Writer

So it’s happened. I’ve let ‘er loose. As deep and dark (at times) and thrillingly scurrilous as this book is when need be (don’t worry, it has plenty of redemption) I am still going to think of Dark Prairies in the feminine. If you’ve read my blog much, you know I believe my muse is […]


What Is A “Magnum Opus” To You (And Have You Written One)?

On July 8, 2012, in Book Release, Celebrities, Events, Famous Writers, Great Reads, New Books, WIP, by rsguthrie

  As I prepare to release my third novel (and try not to notice that there are about ten new novels releasing in the next couple of weeks just within the smallish circle of writers I know), I take pause to think about a term I have always ascribed to this particular book, what it […]


My Novel Is Worth More Than John Locke’s Comb

On May 4, 2012, in Celebrities, Famous Writers, Indie Authors, Opinion, Rant, Soap Box, The Market, by rsguthrie

  Okay, this is it. The rant to end all rants. I’m warning you here. I’m done being nice. I’ve talked to too many Indie authors who feel the same way I do. I’m saying it. I have to say it. I hope all of you who feel the same as I do will rise […]


Does Bette Midler Follow You?

On March 15, 2012, in Celebrities, Miscellaneous, Parody, Twitter, by rsguthrie

Twitter ratios. You probably don’t pay much attention to them. Or maybe you do. Either way you likely have some set of rules (even loose ones) that you consult when deciding whether or not you are going to follow someone (or more importantly, follow them back). I used to follow everyone back who followed me. […]


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