Halloweiner (Or: Does Scrooge Hate Halloween, Too?)

Wow. Well, this is a record for a dearth of blogging. I could’ve crossed the Sahara and back again, sans water, and the vultures would have been blogging more than yours truly. I’d say “sorry”, but that seems capricious; I’d say you never missed me, but that hurts my feelings too much. So I’ll just […]


When Is Old TOO Old?

On August 1, 2013, in (or...), BOB DYLAN, Concert Review, Old Age, Rock and Roll, by rsguthrie

We’ve all seen them. The quarterbacks who stayed just a year or two too long in the game. In some cases, we’re talking Hall of Famers. Rather than leave as they peak, they battle it out, bad knees and all. I once was watching a game with my brother—Kansas City versus someone—and Rich Gannon was […]


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