Mimi Barbour and Par-Tay Time!

On March 14, 2012, in Events, Indie Authors, Teaser/Sample, by rsguthrie

My Cheeky Angel (1st book in the Angels with Attitudes series) Mimi Barbour        Annie is naïve and love-starved, she’ll soon to be celebrating her big 3-0. Something needs to be done! Celi, her ‘down-to-earth’ guardian angel appears to help kick-start Annie’s big change—her looks, her job, her whole life. By taking a managerial […]


Guest Post: Frederick Lee Brooke (8 Things He’s Learned)

On March 13, 2012, in Guest Posts, Indie Authors, The Market, Twitter, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

You’re all familiar, I assume, with Twofer Tuesdays? This is when a radio station plays two songs in a row from every artist that day. Well in a way this is a Twofer for me today—I have the honor of hosting another guest blog AND it is also one of my favorite Indie writers around. […]


Springing Forward, Losing Ground

On March 11, 2012, in Miscellaneous, Parody, WIP, by rsguthrie

  It’s 6:44 AM here in Colorado and the forecast is Springlike. At least Mother Nature seems to be on my side today. But the problem for me today was never going to be the weather, good or bad. I’ve got a different nemesis this time of year, and he is a cowardly sort. He […]


Soap Box Saturday: Bipolar Review (was: WTF, Chuck?)

On March 10, 2012, in Book Reviews, Parody, Rant, Soap Box, by rsguthrie

First of all I want to say this: I recognize that bipolar disorder is a serious condition that affects many people worldwide. I myself have known bipolar individuals and my heart goes out to any person truly afflicted with this condition. I realize it’s no laughing matter. I admit it: bad reviews sometimes get to […]


Phreaky Friday: Indies Must Pay (An Editor)

On March 9, 2012, in Grammar Police, Opinion, The Market, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

Wow, I can’t believe it’s another Phreaky Friday already. TGIPF, right? Or any kind of Friday for that matter. And if you work an off-shift and today is your Wednesday (or God forbid, your MONDAY)…well, I’m sorry. But the rest of us are freaking PUMPED. (You can laugh at us next week.) So the other […]


My New Book – My Love of Writing (And a Glimpse)

On March 8, 2012, in Book Release, Teaser/Sample, WIP, by rsguthrie

Most often here I write about the market, offer writing tips, host wonderful guest bloggers. I really enjoying penning this blog. But it shouldn’t be too surprising for me to share that there’s nothing I love more than writing my books. Is there anything better than hunkering down and going elbow-deep in the art? Can […]


5 Ways to Get Noticed and Earn a Full-Time Writing Job

On March 6, 2012, in Guest Posts, The Market, Writing Tips, by rsguthrie

I love hosting fellow writers on my blog, particularly when they have some usable advice for the rest of us. Lately I have been contemplating that leap of faith most serious writers will consider at least once in their lives. I’ve reached Frost’s celebrated divergence in the woods; down one road, corporate servitude and that […]


Phreaky Friday: Yes Virginia, There ARE Bad Writers

On March 2, 2012, in Indie Authors, Opinion, The Market, by rsguthrie

Have you noticed them? The eggshells all over the floor. They’re everywhere—hard to miss. They make an awful crunching sound and stick to the bottoms of the shoe something fierce. But we really need to keep moving. So maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about avoiding them, you know? Perhaps we should just walk where […]


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